Our Competences

Web and Databases

We prefer to work with the Ruby on Rails framework. For in-house applications we recommend the browser Firefox. Using this browser enables us to write clean standard HTML. We had good experiences with the free database PostgreSQL but also with other database systems (Oracle, Access, and MySQL).

We routinely handle the PDF generation, automatic mail generation and graphic presentations (e.g. using SVG).

Local Solutions

We use FXRuby for programs definitely to be used on single PCs. In the past we worked with Visual Studio (C++, C# and Basic).

Server Infrastructure

Our operating system of choice is Linux. We like to use the web server Nginx but have also experience with Lighty. We attach importance to a structured and documented setup of servers, secure backup procedures and data privacy. Principally, we manage our own software and adaptations of third party software using a versioning system like Git. We prefer to write procedures for backup, test, cleanup and other tasks in the Ruby programming language or in the Bash script language.

We have experience with virtual as well as physical servers.

Dynamic Project Management

We keep our development cycles as short as possible and develop solutions in small modules, which can be individually developed, tested, approved and invoiced. Our issue tracking system track.matique helps us to stay organized.