matique – Your Software

You are sitting in your office, the train; you are brainstorming with your customer or working online. Now is the time to have access to all your data. Imagine being able to update your projects at all times and play with different concepts and solutions. At the same time, you share your new concepts and updated projects with your coworkers who work on the same projects.

Database-driven web applications can provide this productive environment customized for you! The needed infrastructure is now very affordable. Only the programming is needed, of course with the proper security for your data built in.

The Right Solution Tailored to your Business

Would you like to have custom software made to your order? How important is it to you to have all data at your finger tips in the way you need them while you talk to your customer or when you need the right charts and printouts to make a point? Of course, it must be fast and easy to enter or access data as needed. How much would you profit from having your very own always available custom software?

Using the Ruby on Rails framework we can do this in a simple uncomplicated way that will surprise you in every way. Let us show you!

Doing Things Right – the Easy Way

Our team will work closely with you to develop your software, closely enough for you to look over our shoulders. You can see online how your business functions one by one become part of your program. This is important because it gives you a quick opportunity to change functions or specify details. This process keeps the software development on target at all times with you at the control, including the full control over the costs.

We invite you to look at our web pages. You will see how the entire web application is put together and what it can do for your business.