Frauenarztpraxis Dr. Christoph Schöttler

We have developed the homepage in an intendedly simple design in co-operation with Dr. Schöttler. It is implemented in Radiant CMS.
The CMS allows the practice team to insert holiday times and the replacement. It also possible to change other texts and insert new images.


Women’s Refuge Wolfratshausen

We created a database application for the association Frauen helfen Frauen (“women help women”). Our database application is used to record shelter data and to generate reports. Exact reporting is a requirement for obtaining public funding. We particularly focused on data protection, ease of handling and data security. We implemented the application using the Ruby on Rails framework.

Address: Frauen helfen Frauen e. V., Bahnhofstr. 13, D-82515 Wolfratshausen, Germany

GeDiS GmbH

The GeDiS Gesellschaft für Personalentwicklung und Personalservice mbH (Corporation for Human Resource Development and Services) needed a proprietary web application to control, manage and report outplacement processes of different sizes. We successfully replaced forerunner application written in Java with a Ruby on Rails application meeting a very tight deadline.

The GeDiS placed a follow-up order with us, asking us to collaborate with the media designer Adam Lorek (Regensburg) on their new website design. Among other tools we used the content management system Radiant to create the site.


A. Lorek:

Goellner Infosysteme

Goellner Infosysteme produces digital trip recorders, logbooks and similar products. We were asked to create a reporting program for their products. We delivered a database application written in Visual Basic .NET.


Hans Gärtner Kommunikation

We provide advice and support to Mr. Gärtner about technical issues of web design. So he can use the full possibilities of the internet standards (HTML, CSS), but avoid cumbersome specifications.

On the other hand we especially consult Mr. Gärtner about applications, which need only a simple design. This support helps us to provide acceptable GUIs to our other customers with minimal efforts. But we like also to co-operate with him on complex design requirements.


Jörg Wolfslast

Jörg Wolfslast ordered a wood calculation program. Important aspects were the simplicity of usage and the possibility of quick entering of large data amounts. We fulfilled the requirements on the base of FxRuby.



Since 2003, we collaborate with the netcosystems GmbH on embedded systems, Linux, distributed measured data recording and data communications. We have successfully completed a series of small development and test projects.



We supported the South African mobile network provider Vodacom to implement their SIM personalization project and to manage their customer SIM cards using a database application.