Our Services

We give you the option to negotiate an hourly rate or a project-based compensation for our services, which include analyzing, designing, developing, testing and administrating your software. For most of our utility programs we only charge for the installation. Such utilities are issue tracking system, backup programs, etc. We offer well-designed multilingual user interfaces. However, we will also be happy to collaborate with other designers and translation offices.

Web and Database Applications

We are specialized in web and database applications.

Web or Internet applications require a (physical or virtual) server. We prefer the Linux operating system and recommend the use of free database systems (e g. PostgresSQL). We would be happy to set up your Internet server and integrate our backup system.

In general, we program local databases as web applications using local web servers. This achieves high flexibility at minimal costs.

Local Applications

We program also cost-saving graphical user interfaces if a local solution is suitable. We take head of maintainability, extensibility and portability to Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Issue Tracking

We prefer to use our issue tracking system to manage and invoice our development work. You have a choice of using track.matique.de or let us install your own instance of the tracking software on your server.

Compliance with Standards

Our web applications comply with International standards (XHTML, CSS). As a matter of routine, we test our applications using the Firefox browser but can extend the testing to other commonly used browsers, such as Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, Chrome, Safari or Opera.

Testing and Warrenty

We find it helpful to develop automatic tests for our software while we develop it. This makes the software more robust and sets the conditions for easy, cost efficient changes, extensions and enhancements.

We extend warranty for a period of six months on our developments.