The matique Story

In 2004, Martin Schöttler started as a freelancer under the business name “Martin Schöttler – Software Engineering”. He then worked for another company but kept his enterprise alive to continue supporting his already won customers.

Developers to the Rescue

In the beginning of 2006, the GeDiS GmbH asked for urgent support: The in-house software for their project organization and control did not make the grade any more and had to be redesigned. There was the prospect of winning a big project for the autumn. Sanitizing the software was too involved to be handled as a part-time project. Most tasks however could be done by other freelancers who at the time had already been forged into a great team. The challenge was mastered using much improvisation and the developing a dynamic project management. Many developers in the team communicated almost exclusively via the Internet.

The Result

The core members of this team stayed together and grew into an exceptionally productive group. The special software design competence helped GeDiS and then other customers to find sophisticated solutions, which enhanced the competitive advantages of their brand, saved costs through automation. The matique team takes pride in developing clean, straightforward database applications and streamlining the clients’ data and project managements.

The Future

matique applications work well for clients. Aside from saving time and costs, matique database applications make managing data easier and more productive. We established the matique UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 1 in January 2009.

1 The UG (haftungsbeschränkt) (Unternehmergesellschaft / Entrepreneurial Company) is a new type of German private limited liability company (LLC). The UG differs from the traditional LLC according to German law (GmbH) mainly through the lower capital requirement. The UG was introduced in 2008.